How to Turn Off Flashlight on iPhone 12 that is on by Itself

Apple supports all its mobile phones with a flashlight feature, including iPhone 12. The problem is that some users find out that this feature has been turned on accidentally. You may also face it and ask why does my flashlight keep turning on iPhone 12. Check the explanation and how to turn off flashlight on iPhone 12 below.

Guide to turn off flashlight on iPhone 12

Use your finger to swipe down the top right corner of the iPhone 12 screen. This action is to open the control center. Now, look for the flashlight icon and tap on it. The flashlight on the iPhone 12 turns off once you tap the icon.

turn off flashlight on iphone 12

  • Using Siri

The quick way to turn off the flashlight on iPhone 12 is by asking Siri to handle this task. Just say the order, such as “Hey Siri, turn off the flashlight,” or “Hey Siri, disable the torch. Other iPhone users often use shorter commands, such as “Hey Siri, flashlight off,” or “Hey Siri, torch off.”

turn off flashlight using siri

Why does a flashlight on iPhone accidently turns on?

This problem started when Apple decided to install a hard-pressed flashlight and camera shortcuts on the lock screen. This idea came up when this company released the iPhone X. iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR users even face the same issue.

The simple explanation is the location of the flashlight. The flashlight icon is at the bottom left-hand corner of the iPhone 12. As a result, your thumb can easily tap the icon when you grip the iPhone face-up with your right hand. It also happens when the palm of iPhone users is in contact with the screen anytime they grip the phone face down.

The way to solve flashlight accidently turns on

You should learn how to turn off flashlight on iPhone 12, so it doesn’t turn on over again. The following instructions may help you to stop the issue. As a result, you can turn on the flashlight only if you need it.

  • Manage the tap to wake option

The first thing to do is by turning off the tap to wake option on the Settings menu. Go to the settings menu and tap the accessibility option. It leads you to the touch option. You will see several options, yet focus on the tap to wake option. Tap the toggle next to the option. Ensure that the toggle is off. Your iPhone 12 is using the tap to wake option if the toggle is in green color.

tap to wake iphone 12

  • Manage the raise to wake option

Alternatively, you also need to check the raise to wake up option. This option will turn on your iPhone anytime you raise it upright. That’s why you have to turn off this option to stop the flashlight turns on accidentally. Go to the settings menu and tap the display and brightness option. Here, you will see several options. Directly go to the raise to wake option and check the toggle. Tap the toggle if it is still green to turn it off. That’s how to turn off flashlight on iPhone 12.

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