Can iPhone 6 Use Netflix?

Can iPhone 6 Use Netflix

The iPhone 6 was released by Apple in 2014. While it was a popular phone at the time, people may wonder if it can still be used to stream Netflix in 2021. In this article, we’ll explore whether iPhone 6 can use Netflix and what you should do if you encounter issues.

Technical Requirements for Netflix on iPhone 6

Before we can answer whether iPhone 6 can use Netflix, it’s important to understand the technical requirements. According to Netflix, iPhones and iPads must have iOS 13.0 or later to use the app. Unfortunately, iPhone 6 cannot be upgraded beyond iOS 12.4.9, which means that it does not meet the minimum requirements for Netflix.

Requirements iPhone 6
iOS version Up to iOS 12.4.9
Screen resolution 750 x 1334 pixels
Internet connection 5Mbps or higher

As shown in the table above, iPhone 6 has a screen resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels, which meets the requirements for Netflix. However, it cannot support the required iOS version for the Netflix app.

Alternatives for Streaming Netflix on iPhone 6

If you have an iPhone 6 and would like to stream Netflix, there are still alternatives available. For example, you can use the Safari browser to access the Netflix website and watch movies and TV shows directly from there. However, this method may consume more data and require a stronger internet connection.

Alternatively, you can also try installing an older version of the Netflix app that is compatible with iOS 12.4.9. However, this may not work for everyone as Netflix regularly updates its app, and an older version may not be optimized for newer content.

Other Considerations for iPhone 6 Users

Aside from Netflix, iPhone 6 users may encounter issues with other apps and services as technology continues to advance. As newer versions of apps and operating systems are released, older devices may no longer be supported. This can lead to compatibility issues and a loss of functionality.

Furthermore, older phones, including iPhone 6, may not be as secure as newer models. As such, they may be more vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches. It’s important to regularly update your phone’s security settings and be aware of potential risks.


In summary, iPhone 6 cannot use the latest version of the Netflix app due to its outdated iOS version. However, there are still alternatives available for iPhone 6 users who want to stream movies and TV shows on their phone. It’s important to be aware of the technical requirements of apps and services and ensure that your device is up-to-date to reduce security risks.

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