How to Hard Reset iPhone 12 and Back to Factory Setting

hard reset iphone 12

You may hard reset your iPhone 12 if the standard reset doesn’t fix the problem. Resetting your iPhone 12 is straightforward, yet new users may not know about it. Learn how to hard reset iPhone 12 below in case you need to do it. Simple steps to hard reset iPhone 12 series You only have three simple steps to resetting your iPhone 12. First, press … Read more

How to Update Apps on iPhone 12 Manually and Automatically

update apps on iphone 12

In some cases, you need to use the latest apps to get new features. Indeed, you should check whether the apps have the latest software or not. Here, we share you how to update apps on iPhone 12, including if you want to update apps on iPhone 12 Pro. Steps to update Apps on your iPhone 12 Series iPhone 12 users can update their apps … Read more

How to Factory Reset iPhone 12 in 8 Easy Steps you can do

factory reset iphone 12

There is a time when a problem on your iPhone 12 can only be solved by resetting it to its factory settings. The question is how to do that? This article will help you to learn more about how to factory reset iPhone 12. We have easy methods to do the factory reset on this device in just several steps. Let’s start! How to reset … Read more

How to Record iPhone 12 Screen Using the Best Way

record iphone 12 screen

An iPhone is one of the best Smartphones that have a lot of amazing features. Apple has designed each product for the iPhone with the best performance. Well, one of the best features that exist lately is a screen recording. The screen recording is the feature that can you use to record or capture sound on the iPhone screen. If you want to know how … Read more