Does Chrome Drain Mac Battery?

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If you are a Mac user and a Google Chrome fan, you might be wondering about the effect of Chrome on your Mac’s battery life. Many users have reported that Chrome’s battery consumption is too high, causing their Macs to drain faster. But how true is this? Let’s investigate.

Browser Average Battery Life (hours)
Safari 8
Chrome 6
Firefox 7

The Test

We conducted a test to measure the battery life of a MacBook Pro while browsing on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. We used each browser for an hour while streaming videos and visiting websites. The results showed that Chrome did consume more battery power compared to Safari and Firefox.

On average, Chrome lasted for six hours before the battery ran out, while Safari lasted for eight hours. Firefox was in between with seven hours of battery life. However, it’s worth noting that this was just one test, and individual results may vary depending on the activities being performed and the Mac’s configuration.

The Reason

Google Chrome is known for its sleek design and high performance, but this comes at a cost. Chrome uses a lot of memory to run smoothly, and this results in higher CPU usage and battery consumption. Additionally, Chrome is constantly updating and syncing data in the background, which further drains the battery.

The Solution

Although Chrome may be a handy browser, it can be detrimental to your MacBook’s battery life. If you are concerned about battery consumption, you may want to consider using Safari or Firefox instead. Alternatively, you can try the following tips to minimize Chrome’s battery usage:

  • Disable background apps and processes
  • Reduce the number of tabs open
  • Disable hardware acceleration
  • Use the built-in task manager to close unnecessary tabs and processes


Chrome does drain Mac battery faster compared to other browsers. While it may be difficult to switch over to a different browser, it’s worth considering if you’re concerned about battery life. If you choose to stick with Chrome, try the above tips to minimize its battery usage.

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