Simple Guide to Extend Battery Life on iPhone 12 Easily

iPhone are the great choices because these Smartphones come with excellent battery life. They have ultra-snappy and perfect chipset. The batteries are larger than other phones. By using iPhone, it works 40 hours to perform wireless audio playback, works for 60 hours with the longer 3G Talk Time. Today we will share how to extend battery life on iPhone 12. Don’t miss it to check other tips on another page here.

extend battery life on iphone 12


How to extend battery life on iPhone 12

There are many ways to improve the battery life of the devices.

  • Deactivate raise to wake

It is one of the useful features of new iOS 14. It allows your device to wake up automatically once you raise the device. If your device wakes up more frequently, it takes more battery. It makes the “Home & Lock Screen” take high power consumption. To deactivate, go to Settings, choose Display & Brightness, disable the Raise to Wake, so the toggle is off and done!

  • Deactivate background app refresh for unnecessary apps

Background app refresh allows you to define about what apps that can use your system resources, or check for updates. For gamers, this feature is unnecessary. If your install more games and apps, your device has the higher performance to refresh the background and take more battery life. You can activate and deactivate by going to the Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

  • Micro-Manage notifications for your apps

By default, you can get each notification that will pop up on the lock screen, light up the display and you just view it. It is a nice thing, but waking up the device and lighting up the screen for each notification can take the battery life.

You can improve the battery of your device by allowing your Smartphone to show less notification so that the phone has less time to wake; the screen is less to light up. You can customize the notifications and then select the apps that you want to display the notifications on the screen to wake up the phone.

To do this, go to Settings > Select the apps you want to disable, and disable the “Show on Lock Screen” option.

If you wish to stop all notifications from all apps, choose Do Not Disturb Setting and set Silence to “Always”.

Those are the best ways on how to extend battery life on iPhone 12 that most people do not realize. Well, you can try.

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