Simple iPhone 12 Tutorial Guide from Old iPhone and Android

It is very little people who want to read the iPhone 12 tutorial and it is normal for all devices. They can use without it or quote ask someone who has it. Besides that, it may not be the first iPhone for them. Nevertheless, you should own it because there is something different from the iPhone 12. The latest production of the device uses iOS 14 where the operating way is a little bit different. Download the iPhone 12 user guide and use it when you need it. You can save it on the phone and the computer.

iphone 12 tutorial

The iPhone 12 tutorial guide from the old iPhone

There are many reasons for you to do not underestimate the guideline. In fact, you are going to find some new features or applications where you can do it alone. The examples are when you want to transfer from the old iPhone to this one. See how to transfer data, photos, or so on below:

  1. It is easy to synchronize and plug in your iPhone via iTunes. You can do it like opening a program on your PC or Mac. Synchronize and backup just by clicking ok.
  2. iPhone 12 keeps all your phone info intact after synchronizing with the same set as your previous phone.
  3. You can back up your photos to the cloud.
  4. Back up all your contacts to your Apple account. Besides that, save the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & other social accounts that you still use.
  5. When done, enter your new sim with the details of the Apple account. You have to set up your iPhone 12 just like your old iPhone.

How to transfer from Android to the iPhone

Next, it is about how to use the iPhone 12 from the smartphone with Android. Apparently, Apple said that it is easy and make it as simple as possible. Okay, let’s see from the below explanation:

  1. Move Contact

First, synchronize the contacts on your android because your sim card shape may not be suitable for iPhone. This step also functions like access to the google account and to add new contacts. Here, you can enter the Setting and the Account.

  1. Move Images

First of all, transfer all photos from your Android phone to your personal computer. Then back up using third parties such as Box, Dropbox, SugarSync & OneDrive, or Flikr from Yahoo. Next, transfer the photos to iPhone. Sync the iTunes folder and synchronize with the iPhone.

  1. Move Music

How to move music exactly like how to move a photo? You only need to start by moving the computer, and synchronizing with iTunes. Also use some choices like Spotify, Deezer or Google Music for less than 10 dollars a month. These applications help you get the latest music according to your taste.

Okay, those are the iPhone 12 tutorial both for seniors and beginners. Utilize your smartphone and safely discover new things that are not on your old phone. Cool!

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