Is it Easier to Hack Phone or PC?

Phone and PC


With the advancement of technology, it has become easier to access the internet from anywhere at any time. As we become more dependent on technology, the risk of cyber attacks also increases. The most common ways of cyber attacks are through phones and PCs. But, which one is easier to hack?

The Comparison

When it comes to hacking, there are various factors to consider. Phones are smaller in size and have limited software compared to PCs. However, phones are more personal and carry a significant amount of sensitive personal information. PCs, on the other hand, have more powerful software and are commonly used for work-related purposes.According to a recent study by Kaspersky, phones are more vulnerable to hacking compared to PCs. This is because phones have less robust security features compared to PCs. Mobile operating systems like Android and iOS are more prone to vulnerabilities due to its open-source nature.

The Reasons

One of the main reasons why phones are easier to hack is due to its user behavior. Many people tend to use weak passwords and use the same password for multiple accounts. Additionally, people are less likely to update their phone’s operating systems and apps, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks.PCs, on the other hand, are more secure due to better security features, such as firewalls, antiviruses, and regular updates. However, PCs are still susceptible to attacks due to user behavior, like downloading software from untrusted sources and enabling remote access.

How to Protect Yourself

Regardless of the device you use, it is essential to take necessary measures to protect yourself from cyberattacks. These include:

  • Using strong and unique passwords for all accounts.
  • Updating your operating system and apps regularly.
  • Installing an antivirus on your PC and a mobile security app on your phone.
  • Avoiding downloading software from untrusted sources.
  • Enabling two-factor authentication for all accounts.


In conclusion, both phones and PCs are susceptible to cyber attacks, and it is challenging to determine which one is easier to hack. However, due to its open-source nature and user behavior, phones are more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Thus, it is essential to take necessary measures to protect your devices and personal information from cyber threats.

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