Is It OK to Charge iPhone to 100 Percent?

iPhone Charging

It’s common knowledge that every smartphone needs to be charged frequently, especially the iPhone. Most people charge their iPhones overnight, leaving it plugged in until the battery reaches 100 percent. But is this practice safe for the battery’s health? Let’s find out.

Understanding iPhone’s Battery Life

The iPhone battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which means it uses a chemical reaction to produce energy that powers the device. With each charge, the battery loses a small amount of its capacity, which ultimately affects its ability to hold a charge. However, Apple designed the iPhone battery to support hundreds of full charge cycles before it starts degrading significantly.

But what is a full charging cycle? It’s the process of draining the entire battery (from 100% to 0%) and charging it back to 100 percent. So, if you charge your iPhone every day, it will take around a year and a half to complete a full charging cycle.

Charging iPhone to 100 Percent: Good or Bad?

Many people believe that leaving your iPhone plugged in after it reaches 100 percent is bad for the battery. Some even recommend unplugging the charger once the battery is between 80-90% to increase the battery life. However, this isn’t entirely true.

Apple designed the iPhone battery to optimize its charging cycle. When you plug in your iPhone, it charges to 80% in a short time and then slows down to minimize stress on the battery. Once the battery reaches 100 percent, it stops charging altogether, and the device runs on the power supply.

So, charging your iPhone to 100 percent is not harmful to the battery’s life. However, if you want to preserve your battery life, Apple suggests that you keep your iPhone’s battery between 20-80%. This will prolong the battery life, which could be useful if you’re planning to keep your iPhone for a more extended period.

Table: iPhone Charging Habits

Charging Habit Battery Life Effect
Charging to 100% No significant effect
Charging to 80-90% Increases battery life slightly
Charging throughout the day No significant effect

Other Factors Affecting Battery Life

While charging habits play a significant role in preserving the iPhone battery’s life, other factors can impact it, such as:

  • Temperature: High temperatures can damage the battery, so avoid leaving your iPhone in the sun or in a hot car.
  • Age: As the battery gets older, it loses its capacity to hold a charge, and you may need to replace it.
  • Apps and Settings: Some apps and settings, such as background app refresh and location services, drain the battery faster than others.


In conclusion, charging your iPhone to 100 percent is not harmful to the battery’s life. However, if you want to prolong the battery life, keeping it between 20-80% is a good practice. Additionally, other factors like temperature, age, and apps can affect your battery life, so it’s essential to take care of your iPhone to maximize its lifespan.

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