Is Spotify Better Than Apple Music?

Music streaming has revolutionized the way we listen to songs on the go. Two of the most popular music streaming platforms are Spotify and Apple Music. Both have gained significant popularity among music lovers, but the question is – which one is better?

Features Comparison Between Spotify and Apple Music

Let’s compare the features of both platforms to determine which one is superior:

Features Spotify Apple Music
Music Library Over 70 million songs Over 75 million songs
Free Version Yes, with ads No
Premium Plan Cost Starting from $9.99/month Starting from $9.99/month
Audio Quality Up to 320 kbps Up to 256 kbps
Compatibility Available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Web Available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Web
Exclusive Content No Yes

As you can see, both platforms have their unique features. Spotify has a free version, while Apple Music doesn’t. However, Apple Music has exclusive content not found in Spotify.

What Makes Spotify Stand Out?

Spotify has more monthly active users compared to Apple Music. It’s also available in more countries than its counterpart. Spotify’s interface is user-friendly, and it offers personalized playlists that align with your music taste. It has a better algorithm for recommending new songs based on your listening history.

Spotify also has a feature called “Spotify Wrapped,” which shows your listening statistics for the year. It includes your most played songs, artists, and genres. It’s a fun way of looking back at your music journey for the year.

What Makes Apple Music Stand Out?

What makes Apple Music stand out is its exclusive content. It has music that’s not available on any other platform, which makes it attractive to users. Apple Music is also integrated with Siri, which can be handy if you’re using an iPhone or iPad. It also has a “Family Sharing” feature, which lets you share your account with up to six people.

Apple Music’s interface is simple and easy to navigate. It has a “Recently Played” section, which shows your listening history. It also has a feature called “Up Next,” which allows you to queue songs to play next.


So, is Spotify better than Apple Music? It depends on what you’re looking for in a music streaming platform. If you want a free version with personalized playlists, Spotify is the way to go. If you want exclusive content and integration with Siri, Apple Music is the better choice. Both platforms have their strengths, and it’s up to the individual to decide which one suits their needs.

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