Is Xiaomi copying Apple?

Xiaomi and Apple logo side by side

In today’s fast-paced technological world, copying is no longer a new trend. It is a common practice among technology companies to mimic the features and designs of their competitors. Xiaomi, a Chinese tech giant, is one of the companies often accused of copying Apple’s designs and products. But is Xiaomi really copying Apple? Let’s take a closer look.

The Similarities Between Xiaomi and Apple

There is no denying that Xiaomi has drawn inspiration from Apple’s designs and products. The company’s smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even smartwatch designs share some similarities with Apple’s products. For instance, Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook Air, a laptop released in 2016, bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s MacBook Air. The two laptops share the same design, size, and color scheme. Additionally, Xiaomi’s user interface, MIUI, has a design that closely mirrors Apple’s iOS.

A side-by-side comparison of some Xiaomi and Apple products can make it difficult to tell them apart, raising concerns about plagiarism, intellectual property theft, and lack of innovation. These similarities have led some people to believe that Xiaomi is copying Apple to capitalize on its success and reputation.

The Differences Between Xiaomi and Apple

Although Xiaomi’s designs and products are similar to Apple’s, they are not carbon copies. Xiaomi has made some modifications to the designs and features to make them unique. For instance, Xiaomi’s smartphones have larger screens than iPhones, and they are more affordable. The company’s Mi Mix smartphone, released in 2016, had a near-bezel-less design that was not available on any Apple device at that time. In contrast, Apple has not released any products that match Xiaomi’s designs and features.

The Reasons Behind Xiaomi’s Similarities With Apple

There are several reasons why Xiaomi’s designs and products may be similar to Apple’s. For one, Xiaomi’s founder, Lei Jun, has publicly stated that Apple is a company that Xiaomi admires and learns from. Xiaomi has also hired several former Apple executives to work on the company’s products, which may explain why some of their designs and features are similar.

Furthermore, copying is a common practice in the technology industry, and Apple is not immune to it. Apple has also been accused of copying other companies in the past, including Samsung and Xiaomi. Therefore, it is possible that the similarities between Xiaomi and Apple are coincidental or a result of both companies drawing inspiration from each other.

The Verdict

So, is Xiaomi copying Apple? The answer is not straightforward. While Xiaomi’s products and designs are similar to Apple’s, they are not identical. Xiaomi has made some modifications to the designs and features to make them unique. Moreover, copying is a common practice in the technology industry, and many companies, including Apple, have been accused of it. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether Xiaomi is copying Apple intentionally or not.


In conclusion, whether Xiaomi is copying Apple or not is a subjective matter. While the similarities between the two companies’ products and designs cannot be ignored, it is important to note that copying is a common practice in the technology industry. As consumers, we should focus on the quality, functionality, and affordability of the products we buy, rather than their origin or similarity to other products.

Pros of Xiaomi Cons of Xiaomi
Low prices Criticized for copying Apple
Large screens on smartphones Not widely available in some countries
Unique designs and features Some products not as durable as competitors

The Pros and Cons of Xiaomi

While Xiaomi’s similarities with Apple may be a concern for some consumers, the company has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some pros and cons of Xiaomi:

  • Low prices: Xiaomi’s products are affordable compared to similar products from other brands, making them accessible to a wider audience.
  • Large screens on smartphones: Xiaomi’s smartphones have larger screens than some of their competitors, providing a better viewing experience.
  • Unique designs and features: Xiaomi’s products have features and designs that are not available on other brands, making them stand out in the market.
  • Criticized for copying Apple: As mentioned, Xiaomi has been criticized for copying Apple’s designs and products, which may discourage some consumers from buying their products.
  • Not widely available in some countries: Xiaomi’s products are not widely available in some regions, limiting its reach to a global audience.
  • Some products not as durable as competitors: Some of Xiaomi’s products, such as smartphones, have been criticized for their durability, which may impact their longevity and user experience.

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