What Can iPhones Do That Samsung Can’t?

iphone vs samsung

Ever since the first iPhone was released in 2007, Apple has been dominating the smartphone market. And while Samsung has caught up in many ways, there are still some things that iPhones can do that Samsung phones can’t.

Table: Differences Between iPhones and Samsung Phones

iPhone Samsung
iMessage No Equivalent
FaceTime No Equivalent
Siri Integration Bixby Integration
Apple Pay Samsung Pay
App Store Google Play Store

One of the biggest differences between iPhones and Samsung phones is the lack of iMessage and FaceTime equivalents on Samsung phones. These apps are exclusive to iPhones and are some of the most popular features among iPhone users. iMessage allows for free texting between Apple devices, while FaceTime allows for video calling between Apple devices.

Another difference is Siri integration versus Bixby integration. While both phones have their own voice assistants, Siri is integrated more deeply into the iPhone’s operating system. Siri can help with everything from setting reminders to sending messages, while Bixby is more limited in what it can do.

Apple Pay is another feature that Samsung phones don’t have an equivalent for. Apple Pay allows users to make payments with their phone at stores or online, making it a convenient alternative to carrying a physical credit card.

And while both phones have their own app stores, the App Store on the iPhone is generally considered to have higher quality and more vetted apps than the Google Play Store on Samsung phones.

Other iPhone-Exclusive Features

  • Apple Watch Integration
  • AirDrop
  • Portrait Mode on Camera
  • Live Photos
  • 3D Touch
  • Animoji/Memoji

There are also some other features that are exclusive to iPhones and not available on Samsung phones. Apple Watch integration allows for easy syncing between the two devices, while AirDrop allows for easy file sharing between Apple devices.

Portrait mode on the iPhone’s camera allows for professional-looking bokeh effects, while Live Photos capture a few seconds of video alongside a photo. 3D Touch allows for different levels of pressure sensitivity on the screen, while Animoji and Memoji allow for animated emojis that are controlled by your facial expressions.


While Samsung phones have come a long way and offer many similar features to iPhones, there are still some areas where iPhones have the upper hand. The lack of iMessage and FaceTime equivalents on Samsung phones is a big disadvantage for those who use those apps frequently, while Apple Pay and the higher quality of the App Store are also notable benefits of iPhones.

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