What is *# 21 on iPhone?

*# 21 on iPhone

For iPhone users, the *# 21 code might sound familiar. But do you know what is *# 21 on iPhone exactly? This code is related to the call forwarding feature that allows you to redirect your incoming calls to another number or voicemail. It can be a useful feature if you’re traveling, in a meeting, or want to switch your phone off for some time.

How to activate call forwarding on iPhone?

To activate call forwarding on your iPhone, you need to dial *# 21#. This will open the call forwarding settings menu where you can choose to forward all calls or when your line is busy, unanswered, or unreachable. After selecting the appropriate option, you need to enter the forwarding number where you want to redirect the calls. You can also turn off the call forwarding by dialing ##21#.

What are the benefits of call forwarding?

Call forwarding offers several benefits to iPhone users, such as:

  • Never miss important calls even if you’re out of reach or switch off your phone.
  • Manage your calls more efficiently by redirecting them to a different number or voicemail.
  • Protect your privacy by keeping your number confidential and redirecting the calls to a different number.
  • Stay connected with your business contacts, clients, or family members while traveling abroad.

What are the drawbacks of call forwarding?

Although call forwarding is a useful feature, it also has some drawbacks, such as:

  • Extra charges may apply if you’re forwarding the calls to a different number or abroad.
  • The call quality may suffer if the forwarding number has a poor network connection or signal strength.
  • You may receive unwanted calls or spam calls that will also get redirected to the forwarding number.
  • Your phone’s battery may drain faster if the call forwarding is active for a long time.

How to check if call forwarding is active on iPhone?

If you want to check if call forwarding is active on your iPhone, you need to dial *# 67#. This will show you the number to which your calls are currently being forwarded. You can also check the call forwarding status by going to the Settings app, selecting the Phone option, and then choosing Call Forwarding. From there, you can enable or disable call forwarding and edit the forwarding number.


The *# 21 code is a useful shortcut for activating call forwarding on iPhone. This feature can help you stay connected with your contacts while managing your calls more efficiently. However, call forwarding also has its drawbacks, such as extra charges, call quality issues, unwanted calls, and battery drain. Therefore, you should use call forwarding wisely and only when necessary.

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