What is the biggest iOS app?

biggest iOS app

With millions of apps available on the Apple App Store, it can be difficult to determine which one is the biggest. However, when it comes to the largest app in terms of storage space, the clear winner is Facebook.

Facebook, the social media giant, takes up a whopping 388 megabytes (MB) on an iOS device. This is followed closely by Apple’s own Pages app at 358 MB and Microsoft Word at 318 MB.

But size isn’t everything. The biggest app in terms of downloads is the widely popular, and controversial, game Flappy Bird. Despite being removed from the App Store in 2014, the game’s popularity lives on, with many users still playing and downloading the game through unofficial channels.

Biggest iOS apps by storage space: Biggest iOS apps by downloads:
1. Facebook (388 MB) 1. Flappy Bird
2. Pages (358 MB) 2. Temple Run
3. Microsoft Word (318 MB) 3. Candy Crush Saga

Despite Facebook’s large size, the app’s popularity and usefulness make it a staple on many iOS devices. With features such as news, groups, events, and messaging, Facebook is one of the most downloaded and frequently used apps among iOS users.

Other large apps on iOS include games such as Asphalt 8: Airborne (1.6 GB), and productivity apps such as GarageBand (1.5 GB).

Why do some iOS apps take up more space than others?

The size of an iOS app can depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • The complexity of the app
  • The number and size of app features
  • The quality of graphics and images used in the app
  • The amount of data the app needs to store and access

For example, a game app with high-quality graphics and sound effects will likely take up more space than a simple day planner app.


While Facebook may be the biggest iOS app in terms of storage space, size isn’t always an indicator of popularity or usefulness. The most downloaded and frequently used apps on iOS vary widely in size and purpose, from social media and productivity apps to games and entertainment.

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