What Phone is Popular in Korea?

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South Korea is known for its technological advancements, and it’s no surprise that they have a strong mobile phone market. From Samsung to LG, many top mobile phone manufacturers are headquartered in South Korea. But what phone is popular in Korea? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the most popular phones among South Koreans.

The Top Selling Phones in Korea

While there are many different mobile phone brands available in Korea, the top three best-selling phones are currently the Samsung Galaxy, LG V, and Apple iPhone. Samsung is a South Korean brand and is by far the most popular phone in the country. The LG V series phones are also popular, with their high-quality cameras and sleek design. Apple’s iPhone is also a favourite, with many Koreans preferring the iOS operating system to Android.

Here is a table comparing the top-selling phones in Korea:

Phone Brand Price Range Features
Samsung Galaxy ₩600,000-₩1,500,000 High-quality camera, large screen, fast processing power
LG V ₩800,000-₩1,500,000 High-quality camera, sleek design, long battery life
Apple iPhone ₩800,000-₩1,500,000 iOS operating system, high-quality camera, intuitive user interface

Why Samsung is the Most Popular Phone in Korea

As mentioned earlier, Samsung is the most popular phone brand in Korea. This is partly because it is a South Korean brand and is therefore seen as a source of national pride. Additionally, Samsung smartphones are known for their high-quality cameras, large screens, and fast processing power. Korean consumers appreciate these features and are willing to pay a premium price for them.

Another reason why Samsung is so popular in Korea is the brand loyalty that it has built over the years. Many Koreans have grown up using Samsung products, from televisions to refrigerators, and so are already familiar with the brand and trust its quality and reliability. This loyalty has translated into a preference for Samsung smartphones over other brands.

LG’s Popularity in Korea

While Samsung dominates the Korean smartphone market, LG is also a popular brand among Koreans. LG is known for its high-quality cameras and sleek design, and its phones are often seen as a more affordable alternative to Samsung. Additionally, LG phones have long battery life, which is important for Koreans who use their phones heavily throughout the day.

Apple’s Market Share in Korea

Apple has a smaller market share in Korea than Samsung and LG, but it is still a popular brand among some consumers. Those who prefer iOS over Android often choose Apple products, and the iPhone’s high-quality camera and intuitive user interface are also selling points.

The Future of Korean Mobile Phones

As with any technology market, the mobile phone industry in Korea is constantly evolving. New phones are being released every year with new features and capabilities that may change the market share of certain brands. Nevertheless, Samsung looks set to remain the dominant player in the Korean smartphone market for the foreseeable future.


So what phone is popular in Korea? The answer is clear- Samsung is by far the most popular phone brand in Korea, followed by LG and Apple. Samsung’s dominance is due to a combination of factors including its high-quality cameras, large screens, fast processing power, and brand loyalty. LG’s popularity is due to its high-quality cameras, sleek design, and long battery life, while Apple’s market share is driven by consumers who prefer iOS over Android and appreciate the iPhone’s high-quality camera and intuitive user interface.

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