Who Owns iOS?

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iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. and is used on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. The question of who owns iOS may seem straightforward, but the answer is actually more complex than you might expect. In this article, we will explore the ownership of iOS and its history.

A Brief History of iOS

iOS was first introduced in 2007 with the launch of the first iPhone. It was developed by Apple’s software engineering team, with the original iOS being called iPhone OS. Over the years, iOS has evolved and gone through many updates, with the latest version being iOS 14.

As a proprietary operating system, iOS is not open source, meaning that Apple is the only company that has access to the code. This allows Apple to have complete control over the user experience of their devices, and is one of the reasons that iOS is known for being a highly secure and stable operating system.

Who Owns iOS?

So the question remains, who owns iOS? Technically, the operating system is owned by Apple Inc. The company holds the intellectual property rights to iOS and has complete control over its development, distribution, and sale.

As the sole owner of iOS, Apple has the power to make decisions about the direction of the operating system, including new features and updates. They also have the final say on what apps are allowed on the App Store, which can be a point of contention for some developers.

Table: The Evolution of iOS

Version Name Release Date
iOS 1 iPhone OS 1 June 29, 2007
iOS 2 iPhone OS 2 July 11, 2008
iOS 3 iPhone OS 3 June 17, 2009
iOS 4 iOS 4 June 21, 2010
iOS 5 iOS 5 October 12, 2011
iOS 6 iOS 6 September 19, 2012
iOS 7 iOS 7 September 18, 2013
iOS 8 iOS 8 September 17, 2014
iOS 9 iOS 9 September 16, 2015
iOS 10 iOS 10 September 13, 2016
iOS 11 iOS 11 September 19, 2017
iOS 12 iOS 12 September 17, 2018
iOS 13 iOS 13 September 19, 2019
iOS 14 iOS 14 September 16, 2020

The Impact of iOS on Apple’s Business

iOS has played a significant role in the success of Apple’s mobile devices. The operating system is known for its ease of use, security, and stability, which has helped to make iPhones and iPads some of the most popular devices in the world.

In addition to its consumer appeal, iOS has also contributed to Apple’s financial success. In the first quarter of 2021, Apple reported revenue of $111.4 billion, with $65.6 billion coming from iPhone sales.

List: Key Features of iOS

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • App Store Access
  • Security Features
  • Compatibility with Other Apple Devices
  • Stable and Reliable Performance


In summary, iOS is owned by Apple Inc. and is a proprietary operating system that is used on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. As the sole owner of iOS, Apple holds the intellectual property rights to the operating system and has complete control over its development, distribution, and sale. iOS has played a significant role in Apple’s business, contributing to the success of their mobile devices and financial performance.

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