Why Android is so Popular?

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When it comes to mobile operating systems, Android is undoubtedly the most popular one. More than 2 billion active Android devices are estimated worldwide, which accounts for 72.98% of the mobile operating system market share. The question is, what makes Android so popular? Let’s find out.

Reasons Explanations
Open-Source Android is an open-source platform, which means that developers can easily customize and modify the software to meet their needs. It gives developers the freedom to create innovative and unique apps.
Device Availability Android is available on a wide range of devices, from entry-level smartphones to high-end flagship devices. It gives users the flexibility to choose a device that fits their budget and needs.
Customization Android offers a high degree of customization, from home screen layouts to app icons. Users can personalize their devices to their liking and make it unique.
App Ecosystem Android has a vast app ecosystem, with millions of apps available on the Google Play Store. It provides users with a variety of choices and options when it comes to apps.
Google Integration Android is developed by Google, which means that it integrates seamlessly with Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, and more. It makes it easier for users to access these services from their devices.

Another reason why Android is so popular is its affordability. Android devices are available at various price points, from budget devices to premium flagship ones. This means that users can get an Android device regardless of their budget.

Furthermore, Android offers a high degree of flexibility, which makes it a popular choice among developers. It supports different programming languages, including Java, Kotlin, and C++. This enables developers to create apps using their preferred language.

One of the reasons why Android has a vast app ecosystem is that Google has a relaxed app review process, making it easier for developers to publish their apps on the Play Store. This also means that users can find apps on the Play Store that are not available on other platforms.


In conclusion, Android’s popularity can be attributed to several factors, including its open-source platform, device availability, customization, app ecosystem, Google integration, affordability, and flexibility. It’s no wonder that Android is the most popular mobile operating system worldwide.

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