Why Don’t iPhones Get Viruses?

iPhone Protected from Viruses

One of the major reasons why people prefer iPhones over Android devices is because of its robust security features. iPhones are well-known for not getting viruses, which is a common problem faced by Android device users. But have you ever wondered why iPhones are immune to viruses?

Hardware and Software Integration

Apple is a company that makes both hardware and software, unlike Android devices that are manufactured by different companies using Google’s operating system. This means that Apple has greater control over the entire software and hardware ecosystem, making it difficult for malicious software to penetrate the device’s security.

Reasons Why iPhones Don’t Get Viruses
Hardware and software integration
App Store’s stringent guidelines
iOS updates and security patches
Less market share makes iPhones less attractive to attackers

App Store’s Stringent Guidelines

Apple’s App Store has strict guidelines for app developers, which ensures that apps that are available for download are free from malware and viruses. Every app that is submitted to the App Store is thoroughly vetted by Apple’s team of experts, which ensures that they meet the company’s strict standards for security and privacy.

iOS Updates and Security Patches

Apple regularly releases updates to its iOS operating system. These updates not only add new features but also include security patches that fix any vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by hackers. iPhones are designed to automatically install these updates, which means that users are always protected from the latest threats.

Less Market Share Makes iPhones Less Attractive to Attackers

It’s a well-known fact that Android devices have a much larger market share compared to iPhones. This makes Android devices a more attractive target for hackers, as the potential payoff is much greater. Since there are fewer iPhones in the market, it’s less likely that attackers will target them.


In conclusion, iPhones are immune to viruses because of Apple’s hardware and software integration, the App Store’s stringent guidelines, regular iOS updates, and the device’s smaller market share. If you want a device that’s secure and protected from malware and viruses, then an iPhone is a great choice.

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