Why is iOS so expensive?

iOS expensive

Apple has built an incredible reputation over the years for releasing high-quality, innovative products. One of its most popular products is iOS, the operating system used in iPhones and iPads. However, many people wonder why iOS is so expensive compared to other operating systems. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the high cost of iOS.

The cost of development

Developing an operating system like iOS is a long and complex process that requires a significant amount of time and resources. Apple has a large team of developers who work tirelessly to create and maintain the iOS platform. This development process is expensive, and as a result, the cost is passed on to the consumer.

Reasons why iOS is expensive Solutions
High cost of development None
Exclusive hardware Purchase cheaper alternatives
Security measures Switch to Android or purchase a less expensive iOS device
Brand reputation Purchase a less expensive device from a different brand

Exclusive hardware

iOS is only available on Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads. These devices are specifically designed to work with iOS, which makes them more expensive than other devices with similar specifications. Additionally, Apple also uses premium materials in the construction of its devices, further driving up the cost.

Security measures

One of the key selling points of iOS devices is their security. iOS is designed to be secure by default, which requires additional development and testing. Apple also has a team of dedicated security experts who work to identify and fix vulnerabilities in the platform. The cost of this additional security is factored into the price of iOS devices.

Brand reputation

Apple has built a strong reputation as a premium brand that offers high-quality products. This reputation allows Apple to charge a premium for its products, including iOS devices. Consumers are willing to pay more for a product that is associated with quality and innovation.


There are several reasons why iOS is more expensive than other operating systems. These include the high cost of development, the exclusive hardware, additional security measures, and Apple’s strong brand reputation. While iOS may be more expensive, many consumers are willing to pay the price for the quality and security that the platform offers.

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