Why is iOS so much GB?

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The vast majority of smartphones on the market run on either iOS or Android. However, Apple’s iOS operating system has always seemed to take up considerably more space than its competitors. The latest versions of iOS often require several gigabytes of storage just to install, leaving many users wondering why their devices need so much space to run.

The Size of iOS

The simplest explanation for the large size of iOS is that it is a very powerful operating system. Apple has always prided itself on creating software that is both elegant and effective, and iOS is no exception. The features and functionality of iOS far outstrip those of most other smartphone operating systems. As a result, iOS simply requires more storage space than other mobile operating systems.

Version Size (GB)
iOS 11 1.7
iOS 12 2.7
iOS 13 3.7
iOS 14 4.7

Features and Functionality

The features and functionality of iOS are some of the most advanced in the world of mobile operating systems. Apple has always been a company that values innovation, and it shows in the development of iOS. The operating system includes advanced features like Face ID, Siri, and ARKit, all of which require a significant amount of processing power and storage space to function properly. Additionally, Apple’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience means that iOS is designed to work seamlessly across Apple devices, further adding to its complexity and size.

Security and Privacy

Another reason why iOS is so large is that it is designed to be highly secure and private. Apple has always placed a premium on user privacy, and iOS is designed with that philosophy in mind. The operating system includes advanced security features like Touch ID, secure boot, and encrypted messaging, all of which require a significant amount of storage space and processing power to function effectively.

App Store Restrictions

Finally, one reason why iOS is so large is that Apple places strict restrictions on the apps that are allowed in the App Store. Apps that are submitted to the App Store must comply with a wide range of guidelines and restrictions, which can lead to larger app sizes. Additionally, Apple requires that all apps be reviewed by a team of experts before they can be approved for distribution, which can also add to the overall size of the app.


In conclusion, the large size of iOS is due to a number of factors, including the advanced features and functionality of the operating system, Apple’s commitment to user privacy and security, and the restrictions placed on apps in the App Store. While the size of iOS may seem large, it is important to remember that this is largely due to the fact that iOS is an incredibly powerful and feature-rich operating system that provides users with a seamless and secure experience.

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