How to Cancel Subscription on iPhone 12 Easily and Quickly

Commonly, people can find some Apps and some services that offer a subscription-based on their content on the iPhone. It is not same as the other item purchases like as a game, the subscription will renew the access automatically until you end them. To solve this problem, you need to cancel subscription on iPhone 12 as well.

As we know, that the subscription that renews the access automatically are:

  1. Apple Music Subscription.
  2. Apple Newspaper, Apple News and Apple Magazine Subscription.
  3. In-App Subscriptions for services like as HBO Now, Netflix, Pandora, Hulu etc.

Then, if you want to view, change or cancel the subscription on your iPhone 12, please follow the steps to cancel subscriptions on your iPhone automatically below!

cancel subscription on iphone 12


Steps to cancel subscription on iPhone 12 automatically

  • First, go to the “Setting” and type your name. After that, enter to the “iTunes & App Store“.
  • Then, you can continue tapping into “Apple ID” that is located on the top of the iPhone’s screen.
  • Next, you can view the “Apple ID“. In canceling the subscription on iPhone automatically, you need your Apple ID.

subscription on iphone 12


  • Well, now you can start to tap the subscription on your screen. You can tap the subscription that you really want to manage. Choose the option of the manage subscription.
  • While, if you want to cancel the subscription on your iPhone, you can tap to the “Cancel Subscription“. If you choose and tap this icon, then the subscription on your iPhone will stop automatically at the end of the current billing cycle. Now, you have finished the process of canceling the subscription on your iPhone.

You can use those steps to cancel subscriptions on iPhone automatically direct on your iPhone. Besides, you can use the setting on the iPhone. You can do the action of canceling subscription also on the Apple TV and on the Mac or PC. You can choose which the best way to cancel the subscription for your iPhone 12.

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