Is 8GB RAM Better Than 6GB?


RAM or Random Access Memory is an essential component of any computing device. Without RAM, your computer or smartphone cannot run any software or apps. RAM is responsible for storing temporary data while your device is in use. However, with so many options in the market, it can be confusing to know exactly what you need. One of the most common questions people ask is whether 8GB RAM is better than 6GB RAM? Let’s find out.

The Difference Between 8GB RAM and 6GB RAM

Before delving into which is better, let’s understand the difference between 8GB and 6GB RAM. The “GB” in RAM stands for Gigabyte, which is the unit of measurement for memory capacity. 8GB RAM means that your device has 8 Gigabytes of memory capacity while 6GB RAM means 6 Gigabytes of memory capacity.

The difference between the two is that 8GB RAM is a larger memory capacity than 6GB RAM. This means that devices with 8GB RAM can store more temporary data than a device with 6GB RAM.

The Advantages of 8GB RAM

While 6GB RAM is still a good option, there are several advantages of 8GB RAM that make it a better option in the long run. Firstly, with more memory, you can run more apps and software simultaneously without experiencing any lag or performance issues. This is because the additional memory allows the device to store more data, providing faster access to frequently used files and programs.

Secondly, devices with 8GB RAM are better for gaming. Modern games have high graphics requirements that can slow down devices with lower memory capacity. With 8GB RAM, you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with no lags or crashes.

Finally, devices with 8GB RAM have better multitasking capabilities. If you’re a professional who needs to run multiple programs simultaneously, 8GB RAM is a better option as it provides more memory to store temporary data and switch between programs seamlessly.

The Cost Factor

While 8GB RAM is better than 6GB RAM, it is also more expensive. Devices with 8GB RAM are generally more expensive than those with 6GB RAM. However, if you are someone who uses a lot of software or plays games regularly, investing in an 8GB RAM device is a better option in the long run.


In conclusion, whether 8GB RAM is better than 6GB RAM depends on your needs. If you’re an average user who only uses a few apps, 6GB RAM may be sufficient for your needs. However, if you’re a heavy user who requires multitasking or plays games regularly, 8GB RAM is a better option. It’s important to consider the cost factor when making a decision, but investing in an 8GB RAM device can provide better performance and improved multitasking capabilities in the long run.

More expensive Less expensive
Better multitasking capabilities Good multitasking capabilities
Better for gaming Good for gaming

Benefits of More RAM

  • Faster device performance
  • Better multitasking capabilities
  • Improved gaming experience
  • Ability to run more apps simultaneously

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