Is iPhone XS Still Good in 2023?

iPhone XS

iPhone XS was released in September 2018, and it was considered one of the best smartphones of that year. It came with lots of new features and improvements over the previous models, including better cameras, faster processors, and a stunning OLED display. But with the release of newer models and the ever-changing technology, you may wonder, is iPhone XS still good in 2023? Let’s find out.

Hardware and Performance

When it comes to hardware and performance, iPhone XS is still a solid choice in 2023. It comes with Apple’s A12 Bionic chip, which is still quite powerful and can handle most of the latest apps and games without any major lag or performance issues. The 4GB of RAM on the device is also good enough for multitasking and running multiple apps simultaneously.

Moreover, the camera system on iPhone XS is still one of the best in the market. The 12-megapixel wide and telephoto lenses capture sharp and vibrant photos, and the Smart HDR technology ensures that the images have a wide dynamic range and look great in any lighting condition.

However, there are some drawbacks to using iPhone XS in 2023. The battery life may not be as good as newer models, and it may only last a few hours with heavy usage. Additionally, the device may not support some of the latest features and technologies that are available on newer iPhones, such as 5G connectivity or LiDAR scanners.

Software and Updates

Apple is known for providing software updates for its devices for many years, and iPhone XS is no exception. It currently runs on the latest version of iOS 15, which is compatible with many of the latest apps and features. Moreover, the device will likely continue to receive software updates for the next few years, ensuring that it remains secure and up-to-date with the latest technology.

However, it is worth noting that as the device gets older, it may become slower and less responsive, as newer versions of iOS may require more processing power and resources. Additionally, some of the newer features and technologies may not be available on iPhone XS due to hardware limitations.


So, is iPhone XS still good in 2023? The answer depends on your needs and preferences. If you prioritize camera quality, build quality, and performance over the latest features and technologies, then iPhone XS is still a great choice. However, if you want a device with the latest features, longer battery life, and faster performance, then you may want to consider getting a newer model.

Overall, iPhone XS is still a reliable and capable device in 2023, and it may be a good choice for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on the latest models.

Table: iPhone XS vs. iPhone 13

Features iPhone XS iPhone 13
Display 5.8-inch OLED 6.1-inch OLED
Processor A12 Bionic A15 Bionic
Battery Life Up to 12 hours Up to 19 hours
Camera 12MP wide + telephoto 12MP wide + ultrawide

Pros and Cons of iPhone XS in 2023


  • Great camera quality
  • Excellent build quality and design
  • Reliable and capable performance
  • Access to the latest iOS updates and features


  • May not support the latest features and technologies
  • Battery life may be shorter than newer models
  • May become slower and less responsive over time

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