How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 12 by Using iTunes

If you are a user of an Android phone before, you will look for the way how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone 12. Because contacts are one of the most important things on our phone. It helps us to connect with too many people like family, friends, colleagues easily. Having too many contacts is a worthy thing, but it is also annoying when we must back it up one by one manually.


transfer contacts from android to iphone 12

As we all know that our SIM card just have a limit space to save a number and we have too many numbers on the phone. But don’t worry, now you will do it easily by transfer it through the applications. So, you don’t need struggling to move it one by one again. It is really recommended, right?

Steps to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

  • The first step in connecting the Android phone to computer and please sync it with the data in the phone book. If you use the Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, you will download the Your Phone Companion from the Microsoft Store to help you do this process.
  • When your Android data synced, you will connect your iPhone 12 to the computer to sync it.
  • Open the iTunes and click the phone icon that placed on the top left corner beneath the playback controls.
  • Open the management iPhone screen and click the info menu that placed in the left column.
  • Through this screen, you can check the box next to sync contacts with. It is to enable address book syncing.
  • Inside the drop-down menu, select the address program that you use.
  • The next steps, please click the button that placed next to all contacts.
  • Then, click apply button in the bottom right corner to save the setting.
  • After that, transfer all of the contacts to the iPhone.

Finally, you know how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone 12 and you will do it soon to get your contacts on your new iPhone. It is very easy to do and save your time then back it up one by one or write it manually.

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