How to Unlock iPhone 12 Using IMEI: It is Safe and Permanent

Recently, a lot of people search about how to unlock iPhone 12. They who do it are usually the people who want to change their SIM card from the another operator. Apparently, no replacement for the iPhone is very important for them who like traveling to abroad. Unluckily, Apple will limit it through the operation. So, how to unlock your iPhone if you are same with them? Do not worry, Apple has given you a solution about it. You can use IMEI where it is the origin unlocker from Apple.

How to unlock iPhone 12 with IMEI: take the Benefits

Before IMEI emerge, many people had tried to use software and Gevey SIM. In fact, both are the illegal service providers for the iPhone from Apple. The company does not release it because it has IMEI. You must be careful toward the software and the Gevey SIM. Software that comes on the internet is absolutely a scammer that just wants to cheat your money. Meanwhile, Gevey SIM is this tool from China which uses the invalid card.

unlock iphone 12


Of course, you do not know that the SIM card is not valid and it can damage your iPhone. The tool has a risk to cause an error for some applications and contact. Alongside that, you can lose your guarantee from Apple if you use it. On the other hands, IMEI in $30 is able to give you a lot of benefits such as below:

  • Use IMEI code is legal and free of risk
  • Easy to use to get the IMEI code
  • Always online
  • Get the result immediately
  • Cheap
  • Can get the guarantee from Apple
  • Permanent unlocker
  • Safe
  • Original provider
  • It is able for all iPhone series

5 Steps to unlocking your Apple iPhone simply

There are only 5 points to use IMEI to unlock your iPhone. It starts at:

  • Visit
  • Find the serial number free by following the instruction
  • Select iPhone (according to your series) and input the serial number
  • Do payment and wait for the confirmation from the operator
  • You will get the confirmation through E-mail where you must delete your old SIM card. Then, change with the new SIM card

By the way, what makes your iPhone 12 locked? In general, there are 3 causes such as a country lock, network key, and customer key. Anything the cause, IMEI is the best to unlocking your iPhone 12. You who live in Canada, English, and North America should be grateful. It is because of this service provider really legal there.

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