How to Update Apps on iPhone 12 Manually and Automatically

In some cases, you need to use the latest apps to get new features. Indeed, you should check whether the apps have the latest software or not. Here, we share you how to update apps on iPhone 12, including if you want to update apps on iPhone 12 Pro.

Steps to update Apps on your iPhone 12 Series

iPhone 12 users can update their apps manually. You only have to open the App Store. Then, tap your profile icon. The location of this icon is at the top of the screen. You will see the pending updates and release notes there.

update apps on iphone 12

The system will give you an option whether you want to update a specific apps or all the apps. Tap the update next to an app option to update a specific app only. Tap the update all option to update all the apps on your device.

Steps to update apps on Apple iPhone 12 automatically

Updating apps manually is not the only option. You can also let update the apps automatically anytime there is the latest software. So, how to update apps automatically? Ensure that the automatic updates feature on the iPhone is active. Follow the steps below to turn on this feature.

turn on automatic updates apps on iphone 12

Go to the settings app first. Find out the app store option and tap it. Now, look for the app updates option. You will see a toggle on the right side of the option. Ensure that the toggle is green if you want to activate it. Tap on the toggle if it is not green yet. Do the same thing if you want to turn off the app update feature.

Which One is Better Automatic or Manual Apps Update?

You may get confused about whether you want to update apps on your iPhone 12 manually or automatically. Ensure whether you love to use the latest version of an app or not. Set the automatic app update on your iPhone 12 if you love it.

The iPhone will automatically download and install new apps if there are any. It also saves time, stays secure, and be up to date if some features are turning off. On the other hand, the latest apps often come with errors, issues, and problems.

automatic or manual update

You may also don’t like the display or other things on the latest update. If it is so, you would better turn off the automatic apps update feature on your iPhone. It gives you time to find more information whether you have to update and install the latest software or app or not.

The automatic app updates feature is also not suitable to use when you are traveling. The update process may cause specific issues that disturb your iPhone. Imagine if you can’t use one of the crucial apps during traveling when you need it the most.

The point is that you should know how to update apps on iPhone 12, whether the manual or automatic method. Then, decide whether you want to choose the update manually or automatically.

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