How to Hard Reset iPhone 12 and Back to Factory Setting

You may hard reset your iPhone 12 if the standard reset doesn’t fix the problem. Resetting your iPhone 12 is straightforward, yet new users may not know about it. Learn how to hard reset iPhone 12 below in case you need to do it.

Simple steps to hard reset iPhone 12 series

You only have three simple steps to resetting your iPhone 12. First, press the volume up button and release it. Second, you still have to press a volume button, but now press the volume down button and release it.

Third, go to the side button, press and hold it for a few seconds. Don’t let the button even if you see the slide to power off the slider. Release the button when you see the Apple logo on the screen. In this case, your iPhone 12 will automatically restart. These steps are for all types of iPhone 12, including if you want to resetting your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

In some cases, you don’t need to resetting your iPhone 12. Doing a standard reset is enough to keep everything in your gadget back to normal. As the way to reset, doing a standard reset on iPhone 12 is also straightforward.

hard reset iphone 12

You have to press the volume down button and side button together for a few seconds. Wait until the power off slide appears on the screen. Then, release the buttons. Now, slide the slide to power off.

This action will shut down the iPhone. Wait for a few seconds once the gadget is off. Press the side button again until you see the Apple logo. Release the side button and let your gadget restart its system.

Things to consider before doing reset

It is crucial to learn how to hard reset, but you also need to know some important things about it. Hard reset is different from the standard reset. Doing reset on your iPhone 12 means you are removing everything on the iPhone.

The process will delete all the data from the device. On the other hand, the standard reset is only turning off the iPhone and restarting it. That’s why you should check the parts of the iPhone 12 first before doing a hard reset, including the SIM, memory card, battery, and others.

Try to do the standard reset first and check whether your iPhone 12 works normally after doing it or not. If it doesn’t work, you can decide to hard reset the device.

The point is that you can’t do a resetting all the time since it removes all data from the device. It means that you will lose all your important data on the iPhone. Indeed, you still have to know in case you have to do it, but don’t forget to backup your iPhone data. As a result, you don’t lose all the data if you have to reset the iPhone 12 and use this device as before.

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