How to Activate Voicemail on iPhone 12 without Having Trouble

What are actually the steps to activate voicemail on iPhone 12? For those who want to manage their iPhone 12 voicemail, they might need to go through some menus. For iPhone daily users since its first series launch, they can operate this phone very well. But, new users can be somewhat misleading with the commands.

Steps to Activate Voicemail on iPhone 12 Easily

There are steps to take whenever you want to set up voicemail on iPhone 12. It is much easier for new users to consider that any feature that relates to voicemail can be seen in the Phone app. The Phone app can be seen on the home screen.

After finding the Phone app, find the Voicemail menu. Tap on it. There will be an option to Set Up Now. After you tap on the feature, then you can enter the password that usually requires 6 digits of numbers.

activate voicemail on iphone 12

Make sure the numbers are very easy to recall for you but challenging enough for anyone to pass through.  Users will need to enter the password two times. Then, you can choose Done. Tap on it.

Changing voicemail greeting or password

Even if you are new to iPhone, you can try exploring all features so you will get used to it. iPhone all series require some times to learn before users might want to change some features and make changes.

While we are now discussing voicemail, then it is time to focus on this feature. Voicemail involves some changes, whenever you want to change the greeting, password, or other features. Some other changes require the sound of notification and so forth. Users can easily change them, without any hassle.

As it was mentioned previously, users can just access the Phone app that they can find on the home screen. Then, choose the voicemail feature. Find the Greeting feature to follow the prompt in changing the greeting. Anyone who wants to change the greeting is as easy as changing it with some available choices or creating a custom greeting. Default options vary though some people might want to customize their greetings. For those who want to change the default greeting with their own personalized message, they can assure callers that they have called the right person.

Besides, anyone who updates the voicemail message with their own greeting can show off one’s true existence and professionalism, particularly for a business person. A person who has lots of important clients will choose the customized setting.

How to change voicemail greeting on your iPhone 12

Wondering how it goes? After you find the Greeting feature that usually sits on the screen’s upper left, then you can find the button that is titled Custom. Next, find RECORD for recording the voice containing a message. Usually, users will include a greeting with a specific name and relevant details. As the function of voicemail is for offering callers to leave a message, then it is recommended to make professional, short, greetings for callers to leave a message.

setup voicemail greeting iphone 12

The recording may need less than a minute, don’t be too long as callers don’t have too much time in listening more than 30 seconds. Make the message concise and clear, so callers can rest assure that they are calling the right person.

Click STOP after finishing the message recording. Users still can listen to the result of the recording before they launch it or make some improvements. There are chances to RECORD again if they think that their message is not clear enough. But, when all things are as expected, then tap SAVE for making the greeting default.

However, some users might not aware that the updates of the iOS may also bring some changes to the overall setting, including the voice message. So, it is best to check out the voicemail message setting, just in case the iPhone 12 is set to automatic update. When it happens, users can just update their outgoing messages.

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