How to Close Apps on iPhone 12 with Very Easy Steps

Do you just take a picture and selfies with your iPhone 12? Or, do you just surfing on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter? How to hurt you are! Meanwhile, many new things to find and learn like closing the apps on your iPhone. Do not perpetuate to know and master the easy way to conduct. What you learn today is very useful to overcome numerous troubleshooting. Get the answer along with how to close apps on iPhone 12 below.

close apps on iphone 12

Quick close apps on iPhone 12 to overcome numerous cases

Close the running apps on your iPhone 12 gives a lot of advantages. Some of them are overcoming buggy apps, minor issues, free up memories, and minimize the background process. So, how do you conduct the close apps to keep your iPhone 12 running faster? It turns out Apple gives a super-quick way to do just in 2 steps:

  1. Swipe up and hold your iPhone 12 screen

Use your finger to swipe up the iPhone 12 display from the bottom to the top. This step is useful to bring up the switcher App. By the way, you swipe the display up along with hold the screen in a split of a second. Remove it. The faster way to swipe it up is by sliding up at the 45-degrees angel. Swipe it based on the instruction from the bottom to the right. However, you must accustom it first.

  1. Swipe up again

Secondly, Swipe up on the app’s preview to close the apps.

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It is only effective for closing one apps?

Can you use this method for closing many apps? Of course, yes because it is a super sophisticated gadget in 2021. It turns out the way to conduct it is not far from prior. Let’s check this out:

  • Launch App Switcher using the same way as the first step above (from bottom to up or to right).
  • Pause (hold for a split of a second) your finger to see the recent apps on the screen. Pause the finger in the center display.
  • Here is the difference where you may place 3 fingers to close 3 apps at glance. After placing the fingers, you must swipe up to close it. If you want to close 2 apps use your 2 fingers.

Those are two methods to close your apps on iPhone 12. Try to practice to trial your ability. Good luck!

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