How to Factory Reset iPhone 12 to Keep it Running Well

If you have an iPhone 12, you need to do a factory reset at least every six months. It can ensure that your phone will keep running at the optimum conditions to use. How can you do a factory reset iPhone 12? If you do not know the ways to make it happen, you certainly need guidance on how to do factory reset your iPhone 12. As a result, you will not do wrong ways in the process of resetting it.

factory reset iphone 12

How to factory reset iPhone 12 easily

As you are successful to back up all data, now you can start to do a factory reset your iPhone. You can follow the steps below to make it happen.

  1. Go to “Settings”

To reach this menu, you can find the Settings icon on the home screen of your iPhone 12. When you find it, just tap on it.

  1. Choose General

When you have entered the Settings menu, now you can find the “General” option and tap on it.

reset iphone 12

  1. Click “Reset”

In the General option, there is a “Reset” option to choose from. Just click it and follow the next instruction.

  1. Choose “Erase All Content and Settings”

After you successfully do the third step, you will find this option. Just click it to reset your iPhone.

  1. Tap on “Erase iPhone”

In this last step, you need to enter your password. So, make sure you enter it correctly. Then, tap on the “Erase iPhone“. After that, you just need to wait for the resetting process until it finishes.

How to back up your iPhone

Before you decide to do a factory reset your iPhone 12, it is important to back up some items or data. You can back up your data to iCloud that you may still need in the future. Here are the ways you can follow.

  1. Log in to iCloud account

First, you need to log in to your iCloud account you have made. To do it, you should go to “Settings“, and then choose iCloud.

backup iphone 12

  1. Choose items to back up

Second, you can toggle any items you want to back up in the iCloud account. Some important matters you can choose are like photos, mail, notes, and contact.

  1. Click “iCloud Backup”

After you finish choosing items to back up, you can scroll down and choose the “iCloud Backup” option.

backup iphone 12 to icloud

  1. Click “Back Up Now”

When you finish doing the third step, you can follow it by clicking the “Back Up Now” option. After you do these step, all the items you choose will be saved in your iCloud account.

Well, that is all the tips to factory reset your iPhone 12 to follow. Hopefully, it will help do you factory reset your phone by yourself.

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