Force Restart iPhone 12: Solve Your Issues in 2 Easy Steps

Last September 2020, Apple released iPhone 12 series and get a good response from the customers and the markets. One of the main aspects that the customers should know from the earlier is about how to force restart iPhone 12. You might think that learn about this way is quite later on because it is still new. It is impossible to get trouble like freezing or do not want to turn on. However, it does not matter to master iPhone 12 force restart from the earlier.

How to force restart iPhone 12, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max

Apple had released three series of iPhone 12 with iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro Max to enjoy by everyone. The specification is, of course, ultimate and gives an exceptional performance. The iPhone 12 series that sell starting from $719 have an easy-operate system. It includes the way to force restart that only has two steps to do. By following these steps, you can solve any troubleshooting like frozen and won’t turn on:

  • The iPhone 12, Pro, and Pro Max have two buttons for Volume Up and Volume Down. Just press quickly one of them and then release.

force restart iphone 12

  • After that hold and press and extensive button on another side. Release it after you get an Apple logo. Usually, the iPhone will go dark before the logo appears because it is shutting down and rebooting.

Second methods for more serious issues

By the way, those steps are effective enough to overcome any iPhone 12 problem without deleting data. However, you need another way to overcome more serious troubleshooting such as these steps:

  • It still relies on the Volume Up button to press once.
  • Then, you still have to press once the Volume Down button.

power off iphone 12

  • At the same time, hold the Wake/ Sleep button when pressing.
  • Do not release the Sleep/ Wake button although you see Slide to Power.
  • When seeing the Apple logo, it is time to release them.

Learning about the force restart method for iPhone 12 all series is because a lot of iPhones get a problem because of lagging, freezing, and won’t turn off. Those are classic problems that are. long lasting and easy to emerge on any gadget. Then, forcing restart becomes the most effective way to overcome it. Well, enjoy all the easy features and solutions from Apple!

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