How to Backup iPhone 12 to iCloud Correctly Just in Case

to Before knowing the way of how to backup iPhone 12, especially with iCloud, it is better for you to know first what backup is. You should do that to understand the way of backing up iPhone clearer. Backing up means making data copied from your device. This is intended to replace data if your device is damaged, or even lost. So you have to back up your iPhone data just in case.

backup iphone 12

Simple steps to backup iPhone 12 to iCloud

In this case, we will offer and suggest you some easy ways of how to backing up your iPhone 12 using iCloud easily, such as:

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi network

The first step which you should do is connecting your device to the Wi-Fi network which is available. Besides, there is another option that you can do. You can turn on your mobile data in order to connect to the internet network.

  1. Go to Settings

The second step to backup your iPhone 12 to iCloud is that you can choose the option of Settings. Then, it will appear your name and the last one just clicking iCloud.  On the other hand, if you use iOS 10.2 or earlier on your device, it is very easy to do in backing up iPhone. Firstly, click Settings and then just scroll down the screen and choose iCloud.

backup iphone 12 to icloud


  1. iCloud backup

It means that you click iCloud backup. In this case, you should convince that iCloud backup on your device is turned on. So, the way of backing up iPhone 12 will run well.

  1. Backup

The last step is that tap the backup. However, you should still connect your device to the Wi-Fi network until the process of backing up has finished.

Well, all of the information of how to backup your iPhone 12 data. In a fact, those ways above can be applied without difficulties by everyone. Thus, just do it with pleasure and enjoy feeling!

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