How to Use iPhone 12 as a Webcam Simply and Easily

One of the common problems that dekstop computer owners they don’t have webcam installed on the computers because you have to buy it separately. There are many ways to overcome this, one of which is to use your iPhone as a webcam. In this article will cover a simple ways how to use your iPhone 12 as a webcam for your computer, and of course we all know the quality of the iPhone camera is very good.

use iphone 12 as a webcam


How to use iPhone 12 as a webcam using EpocCam application

The method that we rely on today is free and works with Windows and Mac. It is through the use of the EpocCam. In the beginning, all you have to do is download the EpocCam driver through the official website here and then install it in the normal way because the program is very small in size It is compatible with Windows versions starting with Windows 10 and later, and it is also compatible with Mac computers.

epoccam driver

Now that you have installed the program on the computer, you need to install the EpocCam application on your iPhone, and this is necessary to be able to apply the method.

Once you download the application on your iPhone, you open it and click OK button to allow permission to access the phone’s camera.


Now, one thing remains for you, which is to connect the iPhone to the computer. There are two methods for you, either by connecting the phone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network or by using a USB cable.

And directly when you open the default camera application or EpocCam application on your computer, you will notice that the phone’s camera is working, and of course, you can use your iPhone 12 as a webcam with all the programs that allow you to make video calls such as Zoom, Skype or any other program, so the method works for everyone.

EpocCam Pro Features

  • Stunning Video Quality: Broadcast in high definition 1080p quality.
  • Vibrant HDR Color: Capture vivid highlights and deep shadows.
  • Manual Focus: Dial in your shot to get the look you want.
  • Microphone: Use your phone as a wireless mic.
  • Wide Angle Camera Support: Toggle between wide angle, telephoto and ultrawide lenses.
  • Green Screen: Easily create a virtual green screen to replace your background.
  • Choose your connection: Stream your camera feed via Wi-Fi, USB or NDI.
  • Flashlight: Get the lighting you need with your phone flashlight.
  • Remove Watermark: Broadcast without a watermark.

Finally, the EpocCam app is free, but it is also available on a paid version and offers additional options such as using the phone’s microphone as a computer microphone, as well as the ability to operate the flash in the phone and the ability to reach the maximum resolution of the camera. In the free version the camera resolution is 640×480 while the paid version is 1920×1080 resolution, but of course you can be satisfied and take advantage of the free version.

You can set up and use iPhone 12 as a webcam in easy steps, you can try it as a great solution, good luck.

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