How to Access Voicemail on iPhone 12 Easily and Simply

access voicemail on iphone 12

Even though voicemail nowadays is not as common as messaging, iPhone users still like to leave voice messages so that it is important to know how to access voicemail on iPhone 12. If you just bought a new iPhone 12, make sure you have configured voicemail on it so you are able to retrieve new voice messages. How to Access Voicemail on iPhone 12? Set … Read more

How to Activate Voicemail on iPhone 12 without Having Trouble

activate voicemail on iphone 12

What are actually the steps to activate voicemail on iPhone 12? For those who want to manage their iPhone 12 voicemail, they might need to go through some menus. For iPhone daily users since its first series launch, they can operate this phone very well. But, new users can be somewhat misleading with the commands. Steps to Activate Voicemail on iPhone 12 Easily There are … Read more

How to Close Apps on iPhone 12 with Very Easy Steps

close apps on iphone 12

Do you just take a picture and selfies with your iPhone 12? Or, do you just surfing on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter? How to hurt you are! Meanwhile, many new things to find and learn like closing the apps on your iPhone. Do not perpetuate to know and master the easy way to conduct. What you learn today is very useful to overcome numerous … Read more

How to Soft Reset Your iPhone 12 When Frozen Easily

soft reset iphone 12

Nowadays, smartphones become an important device used for communication. You enable to have a phone call with all people, send short messages, or even using an e-mail. iPhone must be one of the lovely devices that has complete features and lasts long. Yet, what if it suddenly stops working? You need to soft reset iPhone 12 by going to the iPhone center. Thus, if you … Read more