Force Restart iPhone 12: Solve Your Issues in 2 Easy Steps

force restart iphone 12

Last September 2020, Apple released iPhone 12 series and get a good response from the customers and the markets. One of the main aspects that the customers should know from the earlier is about how to force restart iPhone 12. You might think that learn about this way is quite later on because it is still new. It is impossible to get trouble like freezing … Read more

How to Factory Reset iPhone 12 to Keep it Running Well

factory reset iphone 12

If you have an iPhone 12, you need to do a factory reset at least every six months. It can ensure that your phone will keep running at the optimum conditions to use. How can you do a factory reset iPhone 12? If you do not know the ways to make it happen, you certainly need guidance on how to do factory reset your iPhone … Read more

How to Set up Voicemail on iPhone 12 Simply and Quickly

set up voicemail on iphone 12

Do you know that you can leave a voice message to someone with iPhone 12? You can do it with the Voicemail on your phone. This feature lets you leave a voice message when someone you call is absent. Then, to set up voicemail on iPhone 12 is what you need to do before you use this feature. Do you know how to make it … Read more

Simple Guide to Extend Battery Life on iPhone 12 Easily

extend battery life on iphone 12

iPhone are the great choices because these Smartphones come with excellent battery life. They have ultra-snappy and perfect chipset. The batteries are larger than other phones. By using iPhone, it works 40 hours to perform wireless audio playback, works for 60 hours with the longer 3G Talk Time. Today we will share how to extend battery life on iPhone 12. Don’t miss it to check … Read more